Risk & Governance Jobs

The banking and investment sector is now more regulated than ever and our clients in that sector have a high focus on risk management and business governance. This is particularly true in the FCA regulated sectors such as OEIC and unit trust fund management where we have seen a surge in demand for governance jobs.

The regulators are loading increasing pressure on fund management companies to ensure that they have proper governance in place even in situations where much of their administration and back office is outsourced to a third party provider.

Risk management and governance

Governance Jobs

The FCA are examining the extent to which fund management companies have implemented adequate oversight of their third party administrators. Typical roles include Oversight of the Transfer Agency, Fund Accounting and CASS (Client Money) functions. The roles of the CF10 and CF10a are important in ensuring that a proper governance regime is in place.

Governance jobs exist predominantly with London based fund management companies and candidates will tend to have experience in managing operations or fund performance, for example. Strong relationship skills are required for governance jobs to manage external third party administrators where these situations exist.

Risk Management Jobs

Our risk management jobs are also predominantly London based, where financial companies are looking to protect themselves from financial, reputational and compliance risk. Candidates suitable for risk management opportunities in London will have gained strong regulatory knowledge within their specialist sector combined with risk training and/or an operational background. Candidates suitable for risk management vacancies will have experience in establishing strong control regimes to minimise business risk for the organisation.

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